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This is a question Greed

Buzzkillington says: "I once worked for Pizza Hut... Whats the the worst thing you've ever done for money?" And while we're here, tell us about greedy people you know. Money or pie, it doesn't matter.

(, Thu 14 Apr 2011, 16:30)
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My mother is possibly the greediest person I know, or at least the greediest 80 year-old.
We regularly take her to Pizza Hut, various curry buffets and Taybarns, where she piles up her plates and eats course after course.

I like to photograph her eating, preferably with either a stack of dirty plates or a pizza pan with one fewer slice in each picture. The photos go onto Facebook for the amusement of our many relations.

Last week she, my mother in law (also over 80) and I went out for lunch together. Ma and I wolfed ours down and gazed longingly at the desserts menu while Ma In Law pushed her food around her plate, sighing.

Mother and I took her home and then went on to the supermarket to load up with fresh food for tea and munchies. You can't feed growing girls on that puny pub food!

Surpisingly, Mother's not fat and is very healthy. She walks everywhere, goes to the special pensioners' gym and eats a cooked meal every day. She is one of 7 siblings, 4 of whom have already died.

Many old people lose their appetites but not our Ma. I often say that when she stops eating so much it'll be time to nail down the lid!
(, Tue 19 Apr 2011, 18:20, closed)
This reminds me of my now-deceased Great Uncle Sam.
At family gatherings he would have to be served last as he'd stuff the lot before anyone else had started and then start nicking stuff off of people's plates.
He's think nothing of eating a whole turkey to himself over Christmas.
AND he made me look like a fat bastard.
(, Tue 19 Apr 2011, 18:38, closed)

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