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This is a question Heckles II

It was my privilege the other month to see a particularly foul and abusive heckler literally chased out of a comedy club by enraged punters. So: Comedy nights, staff meetings, football matches. Tell us of epic or rubbish heckles.

(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 14:36)
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Finger Clickin' Dead
Another one from me sweeties! Aren't you the lucky ones!

My last incarnation (SORRY all these stories are about my last incarnation, but my current one is only a few weeks old and I haven't got up to much in it! Yet!!!) once visited a comedy club and witnessed a very poor comedian indeed get his come-uppance (ooer).

His name was Sammy Smiley and he was a 'music hall' type old fashioned comedian a bit like Arthur Atkinson of off out of off the Fast Show. His act was pretty dull, and he would punctuate each joke by clicking his fingers just before the punchline, e.g.:

'A prostitute walks up to a tramp, flashes her wares and says, "Super sex!" And the tramp replies [CLICK!] - "can I have the soup, please?" '

Terrible, though to my shame I think I actually laughed.

Anyway, he concluded his act - and, as it transpired, his existence - by singing us a song. It was called 'I'm A Paedo' and went like this:

I'm a paedo, a paedo
I love to fuck yer kids
I get off on yer offspring, yer sexy saucepan lids
My hero's Jimmy Saville, or perhaps Gary Glitter
So let me fuck your children [CLICK!] up the shitter

He wasn't so much heckled as eviscerated. The enraged audience constructed a Mare of Steel out of beercans in the pub carpark and made him ride it.

Laters sweeties!

(, Sun 15 Jun 2014, 16:25, 13 replies)
I'm not generally a fan of 2.0
However I may make an exception for you.
(, Sun 15 Jun 2014, 21:55, closed)
I never forget a face but in your case I'll make an exception.
(, Sun 15 Jun 2014, 21:57, closed)
Ooh thanks Sweetie!
Have a sloppy one

(, Sun 15 Jun 2014, 22:09, closed)
You are the new apeloverage
(, Mon 16 Jun 2014, 16:19, closed)
Ape Love Rage?
Ape Lover Age?

Ape Loverage?

A Pelo Verage?

Apel Ov Erage?

etc ect

(, Mon 16 Jun 2014, 18:18, closed)

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