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This is a question Helicopter Parents

Back when young ScaryDuck worked in the Dole office rather than simply queuing in it, he had to deal with a claimant brought in by his mum. She did all the talking. He was 40 years old.

Have you had to deal with over-protective parents? Get your Dad to tell us all about it.

(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 15:13)
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The bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar...
All of you people with over-protective parents; count yourselves lucky. Lucky that you had parents who actually gave a damn (granted, in their own ways) and didn't see you simply as a pawn in their strange, political games, to be picked up and cast away as they saw fit from one day to another. To be shut away in an empty room when they didn't need you around.

Yeah. That.

gonna go 'way now. Sorry for lack of funnies, but I will provide a length joke to lighten the mood.

Length? About sixteen years.
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 14:34, 7 replies)
(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 15:26, closed)
This is possibly the most clichéd teenager post I've ever read on the internet.

(, Fri 11 Sep 2009, 18:04, closed)
lacking a "nobody understands me" bit though.
(, Sat 12 Sep 2009, 3:22, closed)
don't be emo

(, Sun 13 Sep 2009, 14:24, closed)
*Rages against the machine*
(, Sun 13 Sep 2009, 21:21, closed)
...Mebbe a *bit* Emo yeah... *grin*

Nice to be compared to a teenager mind you as I am WELL past that (by some 30 years nearly). I was 38 before I was reconciled with my natural family, so yeah it's left a few 'marks' on me I suppose.

Makes me the insane B3tan I am today!
(, Mon 14 Sep 2009, 12:30, closed)
By way of repairation....
...allow me to offer you this, which is fucking hysterical...

(, Mon 14 Sep 2009, 12:33, closed)

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