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This is a question I'm going to Hell...

...because I said the Lord's Prayer backwards at a funeral to summon up the Goat of Mendes, Freddie Woo tells us. Tell us why you're doomed.

Thanks to Kaol for the suggestion

(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 13:09)
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My mate had cause to visit the STD clinic down in Victoria last week and told me he would get the results via text.

I have just sent the following text to him from one of the works mobile phones:

Results: All Positive. Please contact us at your convenience so we can provide details about your local hospice and to provide advice on putting your affairs in order.

Well, it passes the time...
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:04, 5 replies)
Please let this be true!
And post the results!
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:34, closed)
this is very very true indeed, my friend. This fella deserves it because a) he winds me up all the time, b) he made me go to some poncy wine party with him because he was trying to get into some girl there, and c) he's a Canadian... Need I say more???
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 14:37, closed)
must remember this one.. That's well wicked!
(, Thu 11 Dec 2008, 17:58, closed)
That's brilliant :)
(, Fri 12 Dec 2008, 10:53, closed)
Great idea
(, Fri 12 Dec 2008, 16:56, closed)

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