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This is a question Hidden talents

Roger Boyes tells us: "I was once coaxed up on stage and did ten minutes of off-the-cuff stand-up comedy. Amazingly, I brought the house down. A few weeks later, having rehearsed like hell, I went back to the same stage and got hardly a titter. Well, sod that." Have you ever amazed yourself with hidden talents?

(, Fri 18 Apr 2014, 12:44)
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I can speak English adequately.
Rare for a frog.
(, Sun 20 Apr 2014, 8:37, 2 replies)
rare for most native English speakers.
(, Sun 20 Apr 2014, 9:40, closed)
The natives need to be given a dose of Red Coat Britannia and good English civilization pummeled into them.

(, Sun 20 Apr 2014, 13:24, closed)

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