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This is a question Hidden Treasure

My landlord had some builders in to remove a staircase in an outbuilding when a rusty biscuit tin fell out from under the woodwork.

What wonders were in this hidden treasure box? Two live hand grenades and 40 rounds of ammunition. From WW2. I've never seen builders run before.

What hidden treasures have you uncovered?

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 13:33)
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in the attic
we used to have loads and loads of junk that had obviously accumulated since the house was bought some thirty-five years back by my dad. having five kids leaves quite a lot of stuff behind, as you might well imagine. one day, mum decides it's high time everything was got rid of, so we went on a bit of an exploration up in the attic. as well as the heaps of toy soldiers, strange clothing, sports equipment and other miscellaneous items was a giant machete (ive never heard of a small machete, but this one was massive).

turns out it had once been my eldest brother's and he'd needed it for a trip he made to some jungle somewhere and had brought it back and forgotten about it. shame it was rusted up and shame that mum saw fit to turn it over to the police.

so much for that then. when i was in berlin last year tho we did leave the german porn we bought under the mattress of the upper bunk bed, so the next occupants of the room would stare up from beneath and in their delight find some dirty deutsche gals. :D
(, Sun 3 Jul 2005, 17:05, Reply)

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