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This is a question Hidden Treasure

My landlord had some builders in to remove a staircase in an outbuilding when a rusty biscuit tin fell out from under the woodwork.

What wonders were in this hidden treasure box? Two live hand grenades and 40 rounds of ammunition. From WW2. I've never seen builders run before.

What hidden treasures have you uncovered?

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 13:33)
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possibly a military spying type thing??
a few years ago I could hear a rattling noise in my head, now i know what you're thinking and no it wansnt my brain, anyhoo i could feel something loose in my ear so after much digging i managed to pull out this mass of greeny waxy stuff, i cracked it open and found this small plastic thing inside, i phoned my doctor and he said not to worry it was probably a gromit that would have been put in when i was younger to help me hear but then he said...but you have never had gromits... wwwwwwooooooaaaaahhhhhh
i think the government had been using me to spy and stuff, it would explain why i assasinated all those world leaders oh well
no apologies... the fbi may be listening
(, Sun 3 Jul 2005, 18:04, Reply)

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