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This is a question Homemade Booze

SpanishFly writes, "I have a 'make your own absinthe' kit here, fucking terrified of making it...

"Tell us your stories of when you got so drunk on homemade mead you pissed in the cupboard.
Or tell us about the time you tried to buy wine stabiliser but got chased out of the friendly merchants shop because that compound is used to bash cocaine.
Tell us about the trials and tribulations of not being able to afford 4 cans of strongbow and couldn't brew your own poison so you got pissed on antifreeze and the next day pissed in your own mouth."
Thanks SpanishFly. MAKE THE ABSINTHE

(, Fri 5 Dec 2014, 9:39)
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I do brew my own absinthe
I currently have a 5 gallon tub in the back room just waiting to be distilled.

The first time I used the still I wasn't aware you hade to get rid of the first 100mm, I felt pissed straight away and got a sharp headache.

Turns out I had a mild dose of methanol poisoning.

Home brewing is dangerous business
(, Wed 10 Dec 2014, 16:21, Reply)

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