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This is a question Home Science

Have you split the atom in your kitchen? Made your own fireworks? Fired a bacon rocket through your window?
We love home science experiments - tell us about your best, preferably with instructions.

Extra points for lost eyebrows / nasal hair / limbs

(, Thu 9 Aug 2012, 17:25)
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It seems to fill the wine with lots of little bubbles...
...so may alter the flavour of the wine - we haven't done enough experiments (blind taste tests & whatnot) to confirm/refute this hypothesis.
(, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 15:28, 2 replies)
It'll be non-permanent
if you let the bubbles settle out (it'll take ages if they are tiny) then it should be fine. Unless the wine was very, very slightly fizzy, and then you're affecting the carbonic acid in solution/CO2 in bubbles balance, which will change the flavour.

With your wine bottle trick - have you tried the "water hammer" trick on an open bottle? Oh, my, that's a fuckton of fun. Especially explaining how it works afterwards.
(, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 17:22, closed)
I have, but it's not one we're keen to put on the website/podcast/radio show...
...just in case people try it at home.
(, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 17:27, closed)
Oh go on.
what's the worst that can happen? ;)
(, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 17:29, closed)
Back to the wine though...
...I was worried the bubbles would oxidise the wine - the massive surface area of so many tiny bubbles gives plenty of diffusion surface.

Probably more a problem with reds though...
(, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 17:33, closed)
Oxidation probably shouldn't happen that fast.
But you might have point. Although it's good for reds, you might have come up with a high speed alternative to decanting...
(, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 17:35, closed)
I picked the wrong bottle I think.
I don't see the aeration being a problem since it's the gasses in the bottle being absorbed and the majority of wines need to be left a half hour or so after opening.
When I can find a bottle with a cork-type stopper that doesn't have a bent neck I'll try again.
(, Thu 16 Aug 2012, 3:43, closed)

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