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This is a question What's the most horrific thing you've seen?

What is going on?
Lightguy was walking home when he saw a fox eating a cat. As he watched, it threw up on the cat and then continued eating, having doused it in its own marinade.

Only this morning, Rachelswipe saw a tramp hock up a bright green loogy, only for a pigeon to hop over on its withered stumps and peck it up joyfully.

Are these the end times? What horrible stuff have you seen recently?

(, Fri 22 Jun 2007, 10:36)
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In the 1980's I was 18 or so...
...and escorting a group of 6 9 year-olds from London to Leeds for a disadvantaged kids' holiday. We were bombing along in a comfy intercity train at 125 miles an hour or whatever, when suddenly there was a big thump.

Someone had jumped off a bridge and landed on the leading corner edge of our carriage. His body had burst open upon impact and his innards were squashed all over our window. Poor feller (we knew it was a man, we saw 'outards' as well as 'innards').

The children weren't that happy, believe it or not. We had to stay there as the train stopped and the staff came to inspect the damage. They wiped the messiest and lumpiest bits off our window eventually and were limped into the next station, where we had to get off.

It wasn't all bad though, on the platform we met top singer of the day Marc Almond (out of Soft Cell) and the kids cheered up. I think this was the days before his stomach-pumping.

Happy happy days.
(, Wed 27 Jun 2007, 9:58, Reply)

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