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This is a question Housemates

Catch21 says "I go out of my way to make life hell for my shitty middle-class housemates who go running to the landlord every time I break wind". Weird housemates are the gift that keep on giving - tell us about yours.

(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:28)
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Shameless re-post
Maybe we were asking for trouble.

A young couple in our first rented flat, as before, we could only afford rooms or bedsits. We'd been together for a couple of years and could have done with some help with the bills when we invited her to share with us but we weren't ready for the disruption this would cause. Here are some of her worst habits:

She was a grade-A attention seeker and would throw a fit if we ignored her or went off to our bedroom.
A few times she actually shat herself and just continued to sit in it until we passed comment.
She was the pickiest eater imaginable, in fact she usually opted for a liquid lunch.
She would NEVER help with the housework or shopping and was really messy.
She had trouble sleeping and made sure that we both suffered too.
As time went on she got ruder and ruder towards us, pickier and pickier and more and more untidy...

Towards the end of her 18 year tenancy during which time she paid NO rent, she started demanding money with menaces, insisted I give her lifts everywhere, ranted and raged at us for any little thing in her life which didn't appear perfect and managed to blame us for everything.

Strange how much we missed her when she finally went to uni...
(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:53, 3 replies)
I got to more and more untidy until I realised the joke.
God I'm getting slow.
(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:55, closed)
had me right up until the end bit with the 18 years tennancy.

I have another 17 years of this :P
(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:57, closed)
I think my parents are actually terrified
I only have.... *counts in head*...18 months of school to go, not including holidays? And then I'm going out into the Big Bad Wide World. I'm 17 now.

I do help with the housework and shopping and petrol and car rego. But I have been known to throw a fit of epic proportions if someone touches my stuff without asking - I pay for a lot of the things I have and I don't like it when people snoop (ie - my brother.).

My parents are fairly ace.
(, Sat 28 Feb 2009, 4:08, closed)

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