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This is a question I just don't get it

Poor Semiret, he's foreign and has no idea if he "should laugh about the whole 'only playing music when they are out of ice cream' thing or not." There's also a Far Side cartoon that has had him stumped for almost 20 years.

What don't you understand? What have you politely gone along with whilst internally going WTF?

(, Thu 31 Mar 2005, 11:09)
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My friend's dad used to tell me the same joke, every time I saw him for years and years.
When he finished, he fell about laughing - at the joke itself AND at the bemused look on my face.

The joke:

Him: Why did the architect have his house made backwards?
me: I don't know..
Him: So he could watch TV

Then... one night, years and years later, whilst staggering home drunk - not even thinking about the joke, the answer just arrived in my head.
I fell about laughing (on my own) - spilling my kebab on a parked car and nearly getting me a good kicking from some nearby louts (who probably considered me too insane to tackle).

Ahh. It makes me smile now.

What? You don't get it? Then I advise waiting about 8 years, then have 10 pints of over-priced lager and a large donner from the Whitley Bay Kebab King - it worked for me anyway.

(, Thu 31 Mar 2005, 15:49, Reply)

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