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This is a question I just don't get it

Poor Semiret, he's foreign and has no idea if he "should laugh about the whole 'only playing music when they are out of ice cream' thing or not." There's also a Far Side cartoon that has had him stumped for almost 20 years.

What don't you understand? What have you politely gone along with whilst internally going WTF?

(, Thu 31 Mar 2005, 11:09)
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I dont uderstand why guys (myself included) are strangely obsessed with fire and burning things... I mean its not as if we're all pyromaniacs or anything.

But then again, who can resist making a flamethrower with just a can of deoderent and a lighter? Or soaking your sister's barbie in lighter fluid and throwing a match onto it. Or trying to set someone's hair on fire without them noticing...

Ahhh bliss....
(, Tue 5 Apr 2005, 10:47, Reply)

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