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This is a question Hypocrisy

Overheard the other day: "I've told you before - stop swearing in front of the kids, for fuck's sake." Your tales of double standards please.

(, Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:21)
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Kids eh?
The first instance of hypocrisy that I can remember happened back when I was at primary school and around the age of 7 – 8 years old.

The school had received funding for essential repairs and everywhere was looking pretty nice. After the paint and decorating was finished the caretaker was tasked to go around and attach a number of signs to remind us where the fire exits were etc etc. One of these was a ‘no smoking’ sign.

The hypocrisy wasn’t in the idea of a bunch of primary school kids from a pretty isolated village lighting up in school time, but by the fact that the caretaker did the entire job with a lit Marlborough in the corner of his mouth.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 13:04, 1 reply)
Ha ! *click*
Gotta love caretakers. I actually thought the fella at my school had a dog end surgically attached to his bottom lip.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 13:16, closed)

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