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This is a question Ignoring Instructions

When I was small, a friend of mine waved a big plastic bottle at me and asked me if I "wanted some drinking yoghurt?" I pointed out the "do not drink" label, but no, he was convinced this was a big jug of a particularly strange, liquid yoghurt that was briefly popular in the 70s.

He was sick for hours, after consuming a suprisingly large quantity of washing liquid.

What instructions have you ignored?

(, Thu 4 May 2006, 11:24)
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Exams 2
Whilst at Liverpool, it came to our finals - 4 end of term exams that decide eveything. We all get given our provisional timetables and there is a small note

"Please check this through to make sure you have been registered for the correct exams. Exam times may change - check notice board for updates. Final timetable available 1 week before 1st exam".

1st exam. 19th May. Ordinary Differential Equations. This is one of mine. Next one after this is on the 27th. Only need to revise for this one to start with.

Me not being the best attender, did the usual - chat up "nice but plain girls who have been to all lectures and has lots of notes" at Friday Night Disco, buy them drinks, occasional snogging, get notes off them following day and revise from them. This is just over a week before the exams start. To make this more interesting, after exam crapness in prior tests, I need about an 80% average in these 4 exams to get a PASS.

I then went on a pre-exam 6 day long bar crawl, visiting all my friends, taking in Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle and Kent. Got back on the 16th, start revising a bit, but in general play CM2 and Goldeneye. Night of 17th, go to Medication at Cream, thinking that this will be the last Hurah before exams.

Get drunk sideways. 2am, getting chips and gravy from Star Kebabs, see Adam, friend from course, heading home from the library.

"How are you?" I ask
"worried about tomorrow!!" he replies,
"Tomorrow? Why?" I question,
"Ordinary Differential Equations exam, can't beleive they moved it forward to 830am today - been in the library all this week revising!"

Realisation happens. Chips disposed off. 10 minutes journey to all night garage for Red Bill, Pro Plus and tabs. In 5 hours I revised like never before. I walked into the exam in a state that could only be described as sloth like. I actually apologised to the people around me because I stunk of booze.

Did exam. No memory of any question. Ended up getting 87%. I couldn't remember a thing.
(, Thu 4 May 2006, 15:58, Reply)

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