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This is a question I Hurt My Rude Bits, Again

My commute to work was made excellent the other day when I saw a motorcyclist try to ride on the pavement to avoid a traffic queue, lose control, fall off and land bollock-first on a concrete bollard. He was fine, eventually – but tell us your tales of the old blinding agony to the gentleman's or gentlewoman's area.

(, Thu 7 Mar 2013, 12:50)
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You should try not nailing your bollocks to a piece of wood

(, Fri 8 Mar 2013, 22:58, 2 replies)
She Who Must Be Obeyed decrees some nailing is in order, it's happening. Anyway, it's not your actual bollock, it's your nutsac.

Dunno about the arousal thing, scrotal nailing does nothing for me sexually. Urethral sounding, on the other hand...
(, Fri 8 Mar 2013, 23:51, closed)
Just to put it on record
at this point in time: you know much more about this than me, I was just going for a cheap joke.
(, Sat 9 Mar 2013, 0:24, closed)
This is always good advice

(, Tue 12 Mar 2013, 12:08, closed)

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