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This is a question Impromptu Games You Play

Me and the missus were at London Zoo the other day. We invented a great game called "Spot the Paedo." We counted about 8 single men with suspicious facial hair before the end of the day. What games have you made up on the spot to play with your friends?

(, Mon 29 Mar 2004, 15:50)
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I was at college around the time that the Verve released Bitter Sweet Symphony, and my fellow classmates and I had discussed the video which involved Richard Ashcroft swaggering down the road following a fixed line, knocking into passers by as he went. We found this amusing to say the least and decided to invent the game of Verve-ing.

You would get your swagger-on (hands in pockets, elbows out, swinging your shoulders as you walk) and walk down the high street along an imaginary fixed line, knocking into whomever was foolish enough to stand or walk in your way. Screwing your face up into a snarl often helped if you didn't want people to get too close. There was no winner or loser, just general amusement.

Sometimes Verve-ing would be done en masse, with all members of the group swaggering shoulder to shoulder. Whoever broke the line and allowed members of the public to breach our swathe of swaggerers would be mocked "aahh, you fuckin' idiot!" in an Aussie accent for the rest of the day.

(, Mon 29 Mar 2004, 18:59, Reply)

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