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This is a question Impromptu Games You Play

Me and the missus were at London Zoo the other day. We invented a great game called "Spot the Paedo." We counted about 8 single men with suspicious facial hair before the end of the day. What games have you made up on the spot to play with your friends?

(, Mon 29 Mar 2004, 15:50)
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Aha i have some crackers
Not literal crackers that would just be stupid. Anyway, your playing cards. Somebody always loses right? Well what do you do to a loser? You SCAB them. Scabbing invloves the loser picking a card and having their knuckles scrapped that many times by each player. Black is a full blown scab, red is hit. And picture cards are worth 11(Jack), 12(Queen), 13(King) and 21(Ace). I still have the scars from before Christmas and it fucking hurts. Blood often drawn.

Another lovely knuckle ripping game invloves 2p pieces. Basically you flick 2p's at eveyone elses knuckles until they give in. Or you get down the bone.

Oooooh just remembered this one. A game involving teachers or unsuspecting members of the public. Based on the game 'Touch the Hutch', where a teacher called Mr Hutchinson got touched as amny times as he would allow before he realised the class were playing a game involving poking him. Our version was 'Poke the Pullan'. Bascially you need to touch someone as many times as possible in different places. Points are given for difficulty of getting away without arrest or ABH. Best move was my friend Reedkiller, he asked the teacher if he could explain something to him. The techer did and so Reed gave him a big bear hug in front of the whole class. Great fun.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2004, 19:36, Reply)

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