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This is a question Impulse buys

I'm now the owner of a monster trampoline that's nearly too big for the garden. Tell us your retail disasters and triumphs.

(, Thu 21 May 2009, 11:52)
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Ebay is evil
Its like Crack for a junkie, or in my case fuel for an inveterate magpie like myself.

My downfalls on this purveyor of assorted tat tend to be things I have a wild idea that I can fix and adapt into something interesting, but in the end never do, and Cameras.

So after the last attempt I now have a lawnmower engine, and assorted kids bikes that I was thinking of converting to into a gokart, along with other oddly shaped "useful" stuff.

The cameras are of course something else.

Now I know its fashionable on teh interweb, to brag about buying the latest 100 gigapixel Nikon/Pentax/Sony plastic POS that takes crappy pictures and eats rechargeables for breakfast. Thats not what I collect.

We are talking here about old fashioned cameras. Ones that take proper film. I've bought 35mm SLR's of all sorts (at least 5) box cameras, Box brownies, folding cameras that take proper rolls of 6cm wide film, stuff that I can't even get hold of film for anymore, but I thought looked cool. Developing kit, tanks, all sorts.
Half of it is all piled up waiting for its turn outside.

Upside, at least this doesn't cost a fortune (£30 for a mint 1930's folding camera), and even better the looks on the faces of the purchasers of aforementioned 100gigapixel trinkets if you are standing next to them taking a picture. Priceless.

Length? About 5 foot long, 35mm wide, and paper thin
(, Thu 21 May 2009, 21:51, 4 replies)
I love old cameras
Iv'e got:
Nikon F4 (My last camera before I went totally digital)
a couple of Kodak Brownie folding cameras
60s Box Brownie
Zeiss Ikon folding camera
Voitlander TLR
a little Kodak Instamatic from the 70s
and a pile of other random cameras in storage...

I do fancy getting a (new) Voightlander Bessa and a couple of Leica lenses...
(, Thu 21 May 2009, 22:56, closed)
Ditto for most of that
But we won't mention the pentax 110 and the box of assorted polaroid cameras that are being bid on at the moment
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 0:09, closed)
Ooh-theres something about proper film
and in any case you can't do slides on a digital camera! Over the years I seem to have developed an serious Olympus habit, 2 OM1's, an OM2,an OM4, and a range of Zuiko lenses form 17mm to 300mm.
Kodakchrome rules OK!!
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 8:08, closed)
I love old cameras
While I do love my 400d and use it regularly, I have not yet found a camera as nice to use as my ~1980 Nikon FM - neither my favoured 400d, something fancy like a 5d or any manner of selections from other companies. The way everything either goes clunk in a reassuring fashion or glides perfectly as its funtion requires, and the perfect size and weight and bombproof build that will probably be working long after I am...

In fact yesterday I was wondering how hard it would be to get my hands on another because obviously two Nikon FM's are better than just one (plus a lens or two perhaps ;)

Then there is the fact that when I am next visiting my grandmother I am hoping to get the chance to run some film through the Leica IIc and Yashica-Mat TLR my Grandpa owned (neither of which have been used in decades, as he upgraded to an AF Canon)

I need more old cameras.
(, Fri 22 May 2009, 12:29, closed)

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