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This is a question Impulse buys

I'm now the owner of a monster trampoline that's nearly too big for the garden. Tell us your retail disasters and triumphs.

(, Thu 21 May 2009, 11:52)
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Carboot sales
Walking around looking for some good deals and ending up buying 30 videos and 3 tables...

firstly I dont have a VHS player, couldnt even find one to buy and what am I going to do with 3 tables?!
(, Tue 26 May 2009, 10:21, 4 replies)
Put your videos on them?

(, Tue 26 May 2009, 12:40, closed)

(, Tue 26 May 2009, 16:37, closed)
Carboots are evil!
I brought a Spectrum 128k with a trillion games hoping to re-live the 'good ole days' only to realise after about half an hour of whirring and beeping, they wernt that good!

oh and Monopoly (minus the board!)

what was i thinking?
(, Tue 26 May 2009, 13:40, closed)
Spectrum games
are best played on an emulator. There's less of the irritating waiting around and more of the awesome gameplay.

Say what you will about the game quality, the clay pigeon shooting in "The Living Daylights" (with an actual lightgun!) was freaking awesome. As was Dizzy.
(, Tue 26 May 2009, 14:05, closed)

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