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This is a question Injured Siblings

My sister and I were always fighting. She's still got a large chunk of pencil lead embedded in her hand from where I stabbed her once. What's the worst you've done to your siblings?

(, Thu 18 Aug 2005, 12:46)
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trust issues
Years ago my brother and I were playing a game while walking down the street in our local shitty market town where I was covering his eyes and guiding him where to go. It was like one of those trust excercises in group therapy sessions you see on TV, though we didn't know that, just thought it was a lark. If it had been part of a group therapy session, though, I would have certainly been kicked out of rehab cos I guided my brother straight into a large knobbly tree.

His whole face was pretty grazed and his nose was bleeding, I got whacked by my dad, and my brother still has trust issues. Still worth it for the comedy value though.
(, Tue 23 Aug 2005, 12:09, Reply)

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