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This is a question Intense Friendships

The other night a friend confessed to a really intense friendship when he was young. Nothing sexual or anything, but it did extend to always going to the toilet together. As he put it, "we shared our poos."

Think back to the innocence of blood brothers and being friends forever and tell us the stories of loyalty, commitment and how it all went horribly wrong. You've seen Heavenly Creatures...

(, Fri 28 Jul 2006, 10:21)
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My party friend
I always used to hang out with this guy. Wrote him into my will to inherit my car if I died. We smoked dope and drank and partied in general - philosophical and moral talks were had with no kind of intoxication and with plenty...
He always had weed on him. He had threesomes with his girlfriend and her mates. He did coke and pills and would share them with me if I wanted (though I never liked coke).
I guess that a certain amount of the intoxicants were messing with us. I was increasingly depressed. Party Guy's fiancee left him and he was found on a bridge threatening suicide - he got arrested and Sectioned (declared mad, in effect). He didn't want to face living in the flat he'd shared with her, so he needed somewhere to live. I moved him into my spare room.
Party Guy has a booming voice. I needed to sleep so I could commute 126 miles to work - he was unemployed. He'd talk on the phone late into the night, have mates round and get stoned... I wasn't getting any sleep, getting more depressed, and starting to feel invaded. One saturday I came downstairs in a really freaked out mood, just wanting some privacy, and I find Party Guy and several chavs with dozens of carrier bags full of weed, chopping it up in my lounge. I figured out later, there was about 35 grand's worth of skunk in my house. It had been stolen by Party Guy's dealer from the growers out in the Fens. 35 k worth of dope in my lounge, with pissed off fenland dope-growers out there somewhere looking for it...
I went out for a walk, I just needed to be alone that day.
I started therapy and stopped my constant smoking. Kind of helped.
Then at a party, there was a girl I really fancied - like "relationship" fancied, not "quick shag" fancied. I told Party Guy - please, pull anyone except her. He fucked her that same night.
Well, I kicked him out. I was sick of it. I've sorted my life out, got a good career job, sorted my head out, and he's still dating girls half his age, cheating on them, smoking and coking his brain to bits and acting like he's 21. He's 31. You can only hold onto your youth for so long until it becomes sad and riduculous. Party Guy is way beyond that.
(, Fri 28 Jul 2006, 13:27, Reply)

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