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This is a question Intense Friendships

The other night a friend confessed to a really intense friendship when he was young. Nothing sexual or anything, but it did extend to always going to the toilet together. As he put it, "we shared our poos."

Think back to the innocence of blood brothers and being friends forever and tell us the stories of loyalty, commitment and how it all went horribly wrong. You've seen Heavenly Creatures...

(, Fri 28 Jul 2006, 10:21)
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The truth will out.....
I had a group of friends of school that were kinda close (we were all about 15 at the time of this story); the usual shennanigans- drinking beer, bunking off classes, smoking ciggies, the other lads always going on about who they'd got to shag. Each shag story becoming filthier and more perverted.

Anyway, I started seeing this 17 year old at the sixth form. My mates were trying to warn me that she was a bit of a slapper and 'too easy' (well, that worked into my plans quite nicely). One lunchtime we copped off to the bogs on the local playing feilds and I proceeded to give her a good seeing too..... for the whole of the five minutes it took for me to lose my cherry anyways. I got back before the end of lunchbreak and all my friends had worked out what I'd been up too.

"What was it like?" they asked.
"You know, it felt like it probably normally feels...."
"Yeah.... What is THAT like?"
All my mates were big virgins and I'd thought I was the only one in the group.

I don't really see anyone from those days anymore.... I'm guessing a couple of them are probably still virgins, and the others are probably the parents of at least two kids each.
(, Fri 28 Jul 2006, 19:06, Reply)

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