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This is a question In the Army Now - The joy of the Armed Forces

I've never been a soldier. I was an air cadet once, but that mostly involved sitting in a mouldy hut learning about aeroplane engines with the hint that one day we might go flying.

Yet, anyone who has spent time defending their nation, or at least drinking bromide-laced-tea for their nation, must have stories to tell. Tell them now.

(, Thu 23 Mar 2006, 18:26)
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Iranians. They're a bit mad.
It's pretty much obligatory in Iran that if you're male and over 18, you have to serve two years in the Army.

Two of my uncles did exactly that, and got shot to bits by Sadaam, Rumsfeld and Friends in the Iran-Iraq War in the 80's. One of my Aunts went 'missing' during that time too.

My dad, despite being a prize twat, did the clever thing and got out of there before the revolution (he was 15 at the time), but because of the National Service rule he's not been back since 1978.

Whereas I can never visit my folks in Tehran, because as soon as I saunter through passport control and my records are checked, I'll be issued with combat gear and an AK-47, as all children of Iranian citizens are considered Iranian citizens over there, so I actually 'owe' the Iranian government 2 years of service.

I asked the Foreign Office about this, as I am British-born and have a British Passport. Their response: 'This means nothing. Do not, in any circumstances, enter Iran, unless you are willing to serve in the Army'.

(, Fri 24 Mar 2006, 19:59, closed)

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