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This is a question Jobsworths

All over the world there are little people following the rules and being arsey because, let's face it, it's fun.

Tell us about your experiences with petty jobsworths, or, if you are a petty jobsworth, tell us how much you get off on it.

(, Thu 12 May 2005, 9:53)
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My efforts as a jobsworth...
Have rarely done the jobsworth thing to anyone and am always happy to meet reasonable requests even if it means bending the rules slightly. Once picked up a male English tourist in my ambulance from a medical center – he had been bungy jumping earlier that day and had now had palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, severe headache and his eyes had bugged out in true Marty Feldman style. I told him we would need to go to A&E urgently.
He had about 4 or 5 mates with him who were very concerned about him and they asked if we could give them a lift to hospital too.
I explained that I’m only supposed to take one passenger that can be properly seated and seatbelted, but they were really nice folk and we bundled/squashed them all in the ambulance (it was only a short journey.)

My Officer in Charge at the time (a tosser who commanded nil respect) got wind of it from some from bitchnurse friend of his, but couldn’t prove it. He proceeded to lecture me anyway on unauthorized use of an emergency response vehicle, Operating Procedures, Code of Conduct, etc, etc.

About a week later we picked up a patient and her friend came with us. Recognized the friend as the Officer in Charges’ girlfriend.
She was always a nightmare to everyone and constantly enjoyed reminding staff that her partner was our senior officer.
We were still at the hospital when she approached me to tell me that I was to drop her back at her home (which was on our way back to our station) and I delighted in telling her that I couldn’t do it, more than my jobs worth, etc.

Exactly as I hoped, she phones up the Officer in Charge who contacts me to instruct me to drop her home.
I took great pleasure in reminding him of the recent lecture he gave me.

She got a taxi.
(, Sat 14 May 2005, 13:52, Reply)

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