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This is a question Letters they'll never read

"Apologies, anger, declarations of love, things you want to say to people, but can't or didn't get the chance to." Suggestion via reducedfatLOLcat.

(, Thu 4 Mar 2010, 13:56)
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Another "ex" one.
Dear Ex.

When we broke up, it was hard. Not hard because of my missing you, or the other way around - we both knew it was over long, long ago.
It was hard, because I thought I would hardly see my daughters...and after reading some post on here, I realise (I already did, TBH) that you are not as bad as some, and in fact, only ever show love for our daughters, and you know that I (and my partner) do too.

For that, I must thank you, and I wish you well with your new partner and your new baby. I know you won't favour any of your children over any of the others.

I thank you for phoning and telling me what is going on in their lives, I thank you for saying "I have arranged for the kids to do xxxxxxx because of xxxxxx, however, pop in for a cup of tea for a few hours and see them, and have them for longer next week."

I thank you for not caning me financially - when I get a pay rise, the money I give you to help with the upbringing of our children goes up too. It's only fair.

It's for these reasons that our girls are happy, funny and smart - if only other women (and some men, of which I have read about on these pages) could see the benefits of not being a complete cunt when they split up can bring to their children.

Thank you,
(, Fri 5 Mar 2010, 19:31, 4 replies)
sounds like you're rather lucky.
well done.
(, Fri 5 Mar 2010, 19:43, closed)
restores my faith in humanity. *Clicks*
(, Fri 5 Mar 2010, 22:41, closed)
This is how it should be
Every time I've walked out of an FLC hearing (I've been to lots), I've asked myself "why does it have to be like this?". The pair of you are a shining example of responsible adults.
Congratulations, well done.
(, Sat 6 Mar 2010, 12:11, closed)
...thank you (shucks!)

To be honest, there were times when it was very hard, and all we would do would be to argue every time we saw each other, however, neither of us tried to use our children to score points.

To watch them both win 'HeadTeachers' awards at school, and talk to my 7 year old on MSN where she tells me about the new books she's reading etc... shows me that it was worth it.
(, Sat 6 Mar 2010, 17:09, closed)

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