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This is a question Lies I told on my CV

I've not had to lie on my CV (resumé for all you 'merkins) for a while, but way back when I was a teenager and C was a cool programming language, I listed it as one of my skills.

My new boss was remarkably nice about me spending my first week's employment reading a "how to program in C" book.

(, Thu 6 Jul 2006, 15:55)
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Not my cv but a candidate's...
Several years ago I had a programmer working for me at the Stock Exchange. He was a surly, baldy, syrup-wearing git. He left under very petulant, stampy-footy circumstances, but before he left, he buried unprintable characters in the code and prepared a timebomb in the system to kick in just before Christmas.
These were all found before his seat was cold because we had been monitoring his activity for two weeks before his departure.

Move forward a couple of years. I am working for a financial services company in Surrey. One of my colleagues is about to do an interview of this self-same individual.

Tipped off about past events, the guy asks lots of question about the Stock and finishes with "Why haven't you disclosed the events surrounding the sabotage of the systems at the Stock Exchange?"
Queue my entry with two security guards who politely escort him out of the building.

The moral of the story is "Don't fuck up your cv and don't fuck with me"
(, Tue 11 Jul 2006, 16:03, Reply)

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