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This is a question Losing it

Bluehamster tells us: "This morning I found myself filling my mug not a teabag, but with Shreddies." Tell us of the times when you've convinced yourself that you're losing your marbles.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2011, 12:59)
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Thinking too much
When I was a child it occurred to me that breathing happened without having to think about it. As I pondered this I tried slowing my breathing, holding my breath in, holding my breath out, until I got bored. This was when I realised I hadn't automatically start breathing again; without conscious thought nothing was happening. Panic set in but thankfully something shiny must have distracted me, because all these years later my autonomic nervous system is doing just fine... *breathe*

On a similar theme, during the antepenultimate exam of my finals I forgot how to spell "of"... ove? ov? I had to rephrase several sentences before it came back to me.
(, Mon 25 Jul 2011, 1:16, 4 replies)
and could you tell kelly osborne. ta.
(, Mon 25 Jul 2011, 11:02, closed)
Calm down dear
It was only a typo ^_^
(, Mon 25 Jul 2011, 11:36, closed)
I've done the same with the word 'goes'
I was writing 'go's', gose, even goaz!

Complete mindblock...
(, Mon 25 Jul 2011, 17:19, closed)
Actually I've fogotton how to spell 'of' a number of times.
Fortunatly for me I have a number of well known learning difficulties and nobody takes the piss out some one like me unless its over the internet/far away. 'Every' is a killer too.
(, Wed 27 Jul 2011, 15:41, closed)

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