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This is a question Losing it

Bluehamster tells us: "This morning I found myself filling my mug not a teabag, but with Shreddies." Tell us of the times when you've convinced yourself that you're losing your marbles.

(, Thu 21 Jul 2011, 12:59)
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Self diagnosis
There was a period of time a few years ago, back when I used to take lots of massive drugs with great regularity, when I became convinced I had or was at the very least developing schizophrenia. My hypochondriac tendencies didn’t help matters as all of the symptoms I researched online seemed to match up. I wondered if I was really in control of my own thoughts and my internal dialogue, or whether it was just nattering away of it’s own accord. Regular visits were made to the local quack where I was repeatedly told I was fine and to stop worrying. A truly frightening time in my life, I don’t mind admitting.

I talked myself out of it in the end though.
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 9:13, 2 replies)

massive drugs

(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 9:41, closed)

Self diagnosing via internet is a Bad Idea™

Lots of jokes online about WebMD along the lines of "small headache? cancer! slight stomachache? AIDS!" etc.
(, Tue 26 Jul 2011, 11:49, closed)

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