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This is a question When I met the parents

When my g/f first met my parents for lunch, my Dad leant over and ate food off her plate. My mother was mortified, I was a bit confused, she thought it was wonderfull and that she'd been accepted.

We at B3ta are sure you've had worse than this though... tell us all about it.

(, Thu 19 May 2005, 13:27)
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Getting off on the wrong foot...
I first met my ex's parents one fine Sunday morning, whilst lying in bed with her at her flat. There was a knock on the door, so she went to answer it, only to discover (to her horror) that her parents had driven 200 miles for a surprise visit.

They were surprised all right.

Her mother and father walked in to the bedroom, where I was lying in bed watching breakfast telly (Maggie Thatcher was being interviewed by David Frost or somebody).

Her dad started telling me what a great admirer he was of the Iron Lady and how she had finally crushed "those bloody socialists".

GF's mother dragged her off to the kitchen where I could hear her screaming "How long have you been sleeping with him?" and giving her the full interrogation.

I didn't think it could get any worse - then her father spotted my "Support the Miners' Strike" T-shirt - complete with my ol' mate Arthur Scargill on the front...
(, Sun 22 May 2005, 20:47, Reply)

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