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This is a question Obscure Memorabilia

At home my other half has a broken piece of a piano. Just a single hammer from a broken piano. And yet this twisted bit of wood and metal is a piece from the piano that they flung in the TV series Northern Exposure. We've also got some gardening tools from the first series of Big Brother.

What wierd stuff do you own that has a history?

(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 8:19)
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Got a few I can think of
I have a signed postcard from Ewan Macintyre (or however its spelled), the large fellow that plays Keith in The Office, as he came to our students union a few weeks back. By the time it came for me to meet him I was absolutely hammered and called him "Fatty fatty toad boy" in the style of David Brent (or more probably the style of Rab C Nesbitt the amount I'd had to drink), and he signed my postcard and said "There ya go, now fuck off.", which I found quite funny.

I have a little scrap of paper signed by all of The Offspring from when I met them at Reading Festival this year, and when I was taking a picture of a few of my mates with them I looked at the girl stood next to me and said "God, they've not aged well have they?" - turned out to be their PR girl!

Also best drunken steal has to be the set of temporary traffic lights sat in my bedroom back home, had to make two trips to steal the bastards, one for the light bit and the other for the stand, but luckily it was only about 150m from my house. My mother demanded I got rid of them before I came to Uni, but I didn't and when I went home a few weeks later they were still there, I asked her why she hadn't got rid of them, she said because they were too heavy and she was afraid of being caught carring some traffic lights around in the middle of the night, especially as shes the treasurer for our local church!
(, Thu 4 Nov 2004, 21:19, Reply)

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