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My dog died last week, and I'm already sick of people sending me that stupid Rainbow Bridge poem. Tell us about excellent (or rubbish) pets

(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 19:42)
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black dog
Taking the dog to the vet again. This is the 3rd time this year. If the vet gave club card points I’d be well on the way to earning a free hamster or half a budgie or something.

Aesthetically he’s fine, the rash he had cleared up nicely. I think the problem stems more from an occult background. I first noticed it when he killed that bird; I never knew that dogs could laugh, other than when cows jump over the moon I mean, but that hasn’t happened in weeks. I’ll have to see what the vet says I suppose.

“I’m afraid, Mr @StooeyKing that you have what we call, in veterinary circles, ‘An Evil Dog’. AEDs are very common within this breed but please rest assured as this problem can easily be cured with fire. If you’d just sign here…”
(, Thu 31 Jan 2013, 21:32, 1 reply)
I know the feeling...

The telltale hound...
(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 10:16, closed)

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