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This is a question B3TA Most Haunted

Tell us your first-hand ghost stories and paranormal experiences, and we'll tell you that you are a mental. Extra points for lies tales about filthy ghost sex

Suggested by big_bluberry

(, Thu 13 Sep 2012, 13:23)
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when I was a bit younger, in the 80's...
Me and two other scientists got kicked out of our cushy positions at a university in New York City where we studied the occult. We decide to set up a shop in an old firehouse (which we cleaned up to via a montage) and further pursue our interest in this subject, trapping pesky ghosts, spirits, haunts, and poltergeists for money. We thought it was a great way to make money. We wise-cracked our way through the city, and stumbled upon a gateway to another dimension, one which (we discover) will release untold evil upon the city. Some books floated about, a fridge went mental, the bath got broke, Hilarity, shocks, thrills and spills developed into one of the smash hit movies of the 80's. Oh and Siguorney Weaver went nuts.
(, Wed 19 Sep 2012, 12:53, 6 replies)

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just. sorry.
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(, Thu 20 Sep 2012, 8:20, closed)
Don't think this is Star Wars.
Is it Office Space?
(, Thu 20 Sep 2012, 10:05, closed)
I'm gonna have to get you to
go ahead and check IMDB for me.
On Saturday.
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