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This is a question B3TA Most Haunted

Tell us your first-hand ghost stories and paranormal experiences, and we'll tell you that you are a mental. Extra points for lies tales about filthy ghost sex

Suggested by big_bluberry

(, Thu 13 Sep 2012, 13:23)
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People have mentioned music.
I like music, but I am not a music geek. I will listen to some utter drivel, if I like I like it I don't care if it's pop rubbish or a manufactured band, or some weird underground beeps and bongs.

A few times I have been humming a song in my head, sometimes out loud, then gone to put the radio on, and nearly to the beat that song has been playing. I recall specifically one case a few years ago, when Jamiroquai was not on the daytime radio 1 playlist, but the song I was humming came straight on the radio at the right point I was singing/humming along to.

Coincidence, yes - but still quite unusual.

This has been discussed before, before the advent of mobile phones, we would use the landline to organise going out with mates. Most evenings I would go out as a 16/17 year old. I would call at a similar time one specific mate, but the time range was a good hour, say 4pm to 5.30pm on average.

The number of times, I dialled one mates number to have him on the other end of the line. In that he had picked up the phone to call me, upon picking up the receiver ready to dial, he would find me on the end of the line. We did this both ways. No time for the phone to ring, just picking up and phone connecting at the exact same time. Once again, odd, but just coincidence!
(, Thu 20 Sep 2012, 11:42, 2 replies)
Why would you dress up as a 16/17 year old?

(, Thu 20 Sep 2012, 11:47, closed)

After rereading that I did realise the error, but it conjured a funny image in my simple head.
(, Thu 20 Sep 2012, 11:52, closed)

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