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This is a question Moving home

"Moving house is one the more stressful moments in life," claims Social Hand Grenade. What horrible things have happened to you as you shift your black bin bag of undies from one hovel to the next?

(, Tue 6 Jan 2015, 13:17)
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I like the idea of painting messily in brown paint
"HAVE YOU FOUND THE OTHERS YET?" or similar, before wallpapering one of the rooms, if one is going to move.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2015, 9:30, 4 replies)
gonz has done this trick

(, Wed 7 Jan 2015, 9:39, closed)
I heard he did it twice.

(, Wed 7 Jan 2015, 9:43, closed)
We did similar when we put in a conservatory many years ago.
We got a few bones from a butcher and set them into the concrete.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2015, 12:51, closed)
^Sort of similar
When a friend and I clocked our car to reduce the milage we left a little note inside the odometer saying 'oh no, not again!' in case anyone else tried the same thing.

I'm not claiming to be the first person to do it - but do it we did.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2015, 15:53, closed)

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