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This is a question MTFU

When have you had to be brave when all you've wanted to do was weep like a blubber-titted bitch?
Tell us so we can judge you.

via Smash Monkey

(, Thu 1 Aug 2013, 17:36)
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Drain clearance
Clearing the annual fat blockage of the kitchen sink drain is a manly enough activity, but today...

After scooping all the congealed ick into a bucket I look down to see an eyeball gently float to the surface. Barely suppressed girly scream later, I realise it's a googly-eye that the kids must have flushed down the sink.
(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 15:20, 8 replies)
How big is your plughole?

(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 16:02, closed)
how deep is your tub?

(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 16:03, closed)
For you leave a ring around the basin?

(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 16:23, closed)
When you wash your face in

(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 22:19, closed)
not the plughole
the sewer outside - horrible old pipe which always blocks just greater than an arm's length around 3 right angle bends - the shape means fat gets caught there and solidifies until it fills the pipe.

It's rank.
(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 21:45, closed)
How about not pouring fat down the sink?
Put it in the bin like you're meant to.
(, Mon 5 Aug 2013, 7:48, closed)
No I'm just wondering how the kids could have flushed a whole eyeball down the sink

(, Mon 5 Aug 2013, 9:10, closed)
"Must have"

(, Sun 4 Aug 2013, 18:29, closed)

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