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This is a question Mugged

Your Ginger Fuhrer was telling me the other night about going out in Birmingham after finishing a shift working in a bar. Very drunk, still dressed in his bar uniform, our fearless leader was mugged.

They stole his green stick-on bow tie.

(, Thu 15 Jun 2006, 14:58)
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The local scumbags
From around where I live once tried to mug me. I was 8, on a rusty old bike from my grandads house and being 8 years old, had only fluff in my pockets.

They picked me up by the ankles and shook me upside down, like you see on cartoons. I started giggling because I quite enjoyed this game. Anyway I farted in glee and as my arse was quite close to their horrible acne infested faces they got a full whiff of the foul pong from my arse.

It must have been pungent as they dropped me as soon as I guffed and ran away saying 'aww that stinks' or something along those lines.

I was going over to my mates house, and the two muggers were his cousins who waited outside his backdoor for me. Brilliant.

Both now live at Her Majesty's pleasure.
(, Fri 16 Jun 2006, 0:20, Reply)

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