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This is a question Mugged

Your Ginger Fuhrer was telling me the other night about going out in Birmingham after finishing a shift working in a bar. Very drunk, still dressed in his bar uniform, our fearless leader was mugged.

They stole his green stick-on bow tie.

(, Thu 15 Jun 2006, 14:58)
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don't mug yourself
I work in Hackney. This place is where good muggers go when they die. Too many stories.

The best was when I was waiting for a bus on Maire Street. A 17 year old wigger bad boy sucks his teeth in (doubtlessly reflecting his wannabe Caribbean cultural heritage).

'Giz your wallet'

There are about twelve people waiting at the bus stop with me who all heard and saw this.

'No.' I reply.

Sucks his teeth again.

'Giz yo wallet or I is gonna get my people on you.'

A Caribbean pensioner laughed out loud and said:

'Yo peepil? Who is yo peepil? Dey is Mary poppins 'an scooby doo! Now you missed da school bus ten minute ago, get ya walkin!'

He skulked/ exaggeratedly limped off towards the Empire.

'Thanks' I said sheepishly, wondering at the bizarre combination of Mary Poppins and Scooby doo as his choice of derision.

'No problem fella' said the old man, 'I sin him every day walkin' down here, only normally tis with an au pair you see.'

'Oh' I said, 'Mary Poppins, I get it.'


'And what about scooby doo?' I ask

'His par sister look like a dog.'
(, Fri 16 Jun 2006, 11:01, Reply)

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