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This is a question Near Death Experiences

Last time I crashed my bike, as I flew through the air towards the car in front of me not much went through my head apart from "You idiot". No tunnels, no lights to stay away from, no smiling family members beckoning to me.

Surely you've had a better near-death experience?

(, Thu 25 Nov 2004, 11:35)
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Face Electrocution
I've been run over twice, nearly broke my neck skiing, nearly drowned at sea as a baby, and was in hospital for two weeks, full of tubes, when I had Meningitis. But the funniest one was the following:

6 years old, I decided to become a dentist. I took a small make up mirror of my mother's, and a night light that I had cause I was scared of the dark. The mission was to light up my mouth so I could see inside it with the mirror. To do this the night light had to be pluged into the wall, but for me to get my mouth round it it had to be sticking out a little. Cue to me sticking the bulb in my mouth, flicking the switch, tongue touching the plug, big spark, head shoots back, prickles all over my mouth, and no power in the house. I just sat for two minutes, looking stastled, but too scared to say anything to my mother.
(, Thu 2 Dec 2004, 13:42, Reply)

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