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This is a question Near Death Experiences II

Freddie Woo says: I was once caught right in the middle of in an early morning high-speed 30-car pile-up on the M3, but emerged from the chaos in the only car not to have suffered a dent. My trousers told a different story, and learned that you *do* empty your bowels as Death's icy grip reaches out for you. Tell us about your audition for the Final Destination films.

Suggested by Just a Vagabond

(, Thu 15 May 2014, 12:55)
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Almost drowned by a Raleigh Grifter
Aged about 12 in the mid 80s I was coming home for tea riding my red Grifter (the tractor of the UK BMX world) and hoping it was Findus Crispy Pancakes and chips on the table. As I dexterously cycled up the narrow garden path to the shed (no doubt humming the theme to Kickstart in my head) I went to put my foot down on the low, half finished wall to the fish pond my Dad had just finished digging and filling.... and then everything went hazy.

Next thing I know I'm dripping wet stood beside the pond with my Mum shouting from a window as I tried to lift the bike out of the water.
It took two of us as it was upside down with the Grifter's massive handlebars firmly wedged across the bottom of the pond.
To this day I can't work out how I got out from underneath it.
(, Thu 15 May 2014, 16:50, 6 replies)
My neighbour has begun collecting and restoring Grifters, he has a pond I will warn him.
He also has a nice chopper - fnar
(, Thu 15 May 2014, 16:57, closed)
oh you ball-zit
I'll be humming kickstart all the way home.
(, Thu 15 May 2014, 17:04, closed)
You've made me salivate for Findus Crispy Pancakes.
I hope you're happy.
(, Thu 15 May 2014, 21:42, closed)
you probably
got out through one of the places the bike wasn't.
(, Fri 16 May 2014, 9:09, closed)
he did drown
we're all dead and this is purgatory

you get to escape to heaven if you upset scaryduck enough
(, Fri 16 May 2014, 10:58, closed)
I have a feeling this could be part of what happened

(, Fri 16 May 2014, 20:57, closed)

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