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This is a question My Arch-nemesis

I lived in fear of a Darth Vader-esque school dinner lady who stood me perpetually at the naughty table for refusing to eat mushy peas. An ordeal made worse after I was caught spooning the accursed veg into her wellies. Who, we ask, has wrecked your life?

Thanks to Philly G for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Apr 2010, 12:01)
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I'm going to count how many times I have to say this during this QOTW.
... "or, you could man the fuck up, stop being such a pathetic passive-aggressive arse, accept that fact that parking in the wrong space (delete as applicable dependent on perceived sleight) is a crime somewhere lower in the scheme of things than dialing a wrong number, and politely ask the person concerned to not do it again?"

Twice so far, and I've only read about 10 posts. Place your bets, ladies and jellyspoons.

EDIT - although I will grudgingly admit that the matchstick thing is quite clever.
(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 8:52, 1 reply)
I'm a cyclist
I don't give a flying one about car parking spaces.

But I do like ve-hick-el saboutage.
(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 14:29, closed)
I'm cycling to work tomorrow
No parking, no petrol, no walk across a car park, just 10 minutes door-to-door. Good times.

Must remember to take off the bike clips this time.
(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 21:14, closed)

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