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This is a question Never Meet Your Heroes

They're bound to disappoint - like the time we booked Wayne Hussey for the B3ta Radio Show. Five minutes before we're due to record, Wayne
phones, lost on the M25 with his Brazilian wife screaming in the background. Not so much the King of Goth, as a hen-pecked flake.

(, Thu 25 May 2006, 14:17)
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Lucy Liu
My mate Mark was out having a few drinks with some of the guys from work, including his boss. His boss's husband is involved with movies and often gets to meet and work with many hollywood stars.

Well, during the evening Mark is getting hammered and the conversation turns to which actors/actresses people like. Mark mentions that, amongst others, he likes Lucy Liu.
"Really?" says his boss.
"Yeah!" says Mark.

His boss then proceeds to phone her husband. After a brief conversation, of which Mark was not listening to, she hands the phone over to Mark and says
"Mark, there's someone on the phone who wants to say hello to you."
"Hello?" says Mark.
"Hi Mark. This is Lucy Liu. How are you? I hear you're a bit of a fan?"
Mark then shouts down the phone "F*ck off! You not f*cking Lucy Liu!" and hangs up the phone.

His boss then grabs the phone off of him and immediately phones back and starts apologising profusely.

It turns out that Mark had genuinely told Lucy Liu to f*ck off. WHAT A LEGEND!!!!1!one
(, Tue 30 May 2006, 14:42, Reply)

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