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This is a question I'm glad nobody saw me

Have you ever done something, realised how stupid or embarrassing it was and then looked about to see if anyone watching? Did you get away with it?

Suggested by Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic, chosen by YOU

(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 15:49)
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It seemed fun at the time...

..to tug repeatedly at the 'For Sale' sign attached to the wall outside the house we passed on the walk back from the pub.

I don't really know what we planned to do with it, but we wanted it.

So we pulled and shook and tugged and pushed and with one last yank, we stumbled backwards, sign in hand...

,,,as the whole wall tumbled towards us.

I am not an athlete, but I have never run so fast in my life.

I am glad I wasn't seen then.

And I am glad I wasn't seen the next day, when I, with my paranoid gloved hands, withdrew £100 from the bank, put it in a brand new envelope and walked up the garden path to put it through their letterbox.

Noticing as I did the cement mixer and palette of last few brand new bricks next to the pile of now broken ones that must previously have been their brand new wall.

I hope £100 went someway towards the cost of the wall.

but i doubt it much made up for the delay it must have caused in selling their house.

It's OK to hate me for this. I still do, and it was nearly twenty years ago.
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 17:26, 5 replies)
You may have done any potential buyers a favour though
by putting them off buying a property with such a weak wall.
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 21:06, closed)
The wind loading on a brick wall could easily be many times more than the weight of a couple of hefty blokes hanging off it. The wall was crappy and should have been rebuilt properly.
(, Sat 29 Jan 2011, 8:39, closed)
You are a surprisingly decent chap
(, Sat 29 Jan 2011, 19:09, closed)
Stop hating yourself fella.
You went round with cash to make up for it and many, many, wouldn't.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 11:50, closed)
You could probably have sued them for having a dangerous wall....
... in fact you accepted your part in this and shouldered at least a share of the costs.

You are a nobler man than most.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 14:22, closed)

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