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This is a question Not Losing Your Virginity

Think back, way back, to when you were a spotty virgin.* It was all a bit overwhelming, wasn't it? I remember going to see a band as a teenager and standing behind a girl who I kinda liked, but who had been showing a lot of interest in a friend for the past week. She reached back and squeezed my leg.

I panicked. Brain decided that she'd clearly made a mistake and thought I was my friend: "Er, you've got the wrong bloke"

It was hours before I worked out what was going on.

So, tell us the stories of when you failed to lose your virginity - whether through your own ineptitude or simply because they scared the bejesus out of you.

* Apologies to spotty virgins out there. Wash.

(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 12:13)
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I was 13 at the time and on holiday with my parents in Greece, the hotel was pretty stuck up and there weren’t many kids my age to hang around with so I was being a real moody sod. Up until I spotted her....

Her name was Inga, she was 15 and I can honestly say she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

Skip forward a few days and we’d actually started speaking, we hit it off pretty much straight away and bearing in mind I didn’t have much experience with girls (unless you count chasing them with a poo stick) I was doing remarkably well.

Anyway things got a whole lot better and at night whilst our parents watched the evening entertainment, we’d sneak off and kiss and fumble in the indoor pool area whilst nobody was about.

This went on for a good couple of night’s, with the kissing and fumbling getting a little more intense each time.

Cut to the last night of my holiday and we’re all over each other like a rash and that's when she started to strip off. In seconds she was now completely naked and spread across the sun bed beckoning me closer.

Now nothing would have made me happier than telling you that I threw my clothes to the floor and satisfied her like a Latin lothario but sadly this is not the case! So what did I do? Well like the absolute genius that I am, I panicked, decided to mumble some lame excuse about having to go and left her there.

I left a beautiful girl, completely naked on a sun bed who was ready to have sex with me.

I still cry myself to sleep over that one.

(Apologies for length, I’m sure that’s why I panicked)
(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 17:23, Reply)

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