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This is a question Not Losing Your Virginity

Think back, way back, to when you were a spotty virgin.* It was all a bit overwhelming, wasn't it? I remember going to see a band as a teenager and standing behind a girl who I kinda liked, but who had been showing a lot of interest in a friend for the past week. She reached back and squeezed my leg.

I panicked. Brain decided that she'd clearly made a mistake and thought I was my friend: "Er, you've got the wrong bloke"

It was hours before I worked out what was going on.

So, tell us the stories of when you failed to lose your virginity - whether through your own ineptitude or simply because they scared the bejesus out of you.

* Apologies to spotty virgins out there. Wash.

(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 12:13)
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1988(?) I'm at a hellish fucking partay,
and I'm completely stoned and plastered. I have never been further off my tits. This girl who I was slightly in love with was, due to drink, all over me. So weve been kissing for a while and i thinks "Fuck it" and put my hand down her top, to my surprise no arguments. So then I think "Okay one step further" and thrust my hand up her skirt, justas i get to her lady garments she pushes me away. "No I can't I want us to stay friends." She says, then runs off (I later found out it was to have her first-and last- lesbian experience.)

So there I am with this raging hard on and i think "Okay then, off for a hand shandy." (It is only looking back that find it utterly wrong to wank off in someone elses house but there you go) anyway so I'm thwapping away when a knock on the door distracts me. "Let me help you" comes a voice. It's my good friend who is at least twenty times hotter than other bird and clearly willing. So I open the door, she enters and we begin to fornicate. twenty seconds in and i announce "Oh for fucks sake I have'nt got all day," withdraw and walk out the toilet.

On an unrelated matter, after leaving the party I woke up in the park to a seagull chewing my fingers. They smelt like fish.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 22:28, Reply)
The ex...
Ok so there we are, just started a nursing course, 1990. Me and first "proper" g/f, high summer, her folks and spacktard sister have fucked off for a few days, I'm helping gf "house-sit". So we're there, naked as babes, i'm actually about to DO IT when...she has a freakin asthma attack and ends up in hospital.

I can't even pretend it was cos I was so good, cos we never quite got that far.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 22:07, Reply)
Sore Throat?
I was about 15, and had a fairly bad cold. I had lost my voice a couple of days before, and it was still really sore and though I could speak it was really throaty. I was at school, and about fifteen minutes before the end of lunch, I was walking up towards my form room, when a girl in my class (who for the sake of this I will call Lucy) came up to me and said, "Do you know what's really good for sore throats?" "No," says I. "Cum," says she, "Do you want some help?"

I was slightly at a loss for words.

"Come on," she said, and headed into the disabled toilet. I hesitated, and followed her. She had taken her tie off and had started unbuttoning her shirt, and I knew I was in well over my head...

She pulled my trousers down, and started to suck me off. The worst part was when I came and she kissed me to 'take my medicine'. As I swallowed the stuff (I didn't like it one bit, but I can't deny it did sooth my throat...), she pulled her skirt down, lay on the floor, and said "Come on then,"

I knelt down, my still hard cock ready for it's first proper use...

... and then the fucking bell rang. Lucy pushed me up, pulled her clothes back on, while I stood there still kind of shocked at what was going on. She told me to put my clothes back on, we made sure we were tidy, Lucy rinsed her mouth out in the sink and said I should do the same, and we headed for afternoon registration.

Lucy never gave me another chance, and we never mentioned it again.

Still, it did sort my sore throat out...
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 21:31, Reply)
WAIT.... YOU Guys have problems with that?

the only time i've ever not gotten any was when one girl was having her period. thats it. she was on the rag, dang i'm sorry.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 21:17, Reply)
(not) doing it
Many moons ago i was in a club dancing(?) to a number by The Jam-cue a rather cute looking lass come up to me and dancing along close to me,i just turned away and looked back to see a very puzzled look on her face.

I remained intact untill a few years later and my first thought after the deed was done ?- i have had better wanks than this !!!

Its overated and my tackle is now in storage
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 20:07, Reply)
Another of mine...
First year again but later on in the year. By this time I'd joined the Drama soc as an AV tech (been doing it for years, not an actor though!). We were in the union bar playing pool and joking about text message jokes (I did Comp Sci, go figure) when one, very cute, girl handed me her phone with the following written on it. She went back to playing pool while i tried to decipher it...


...in my slightly drunk state it took me a minute or two to make out what it said and when I did I gave her the phone back and said "hehe that's a good one" and promptly went off to the bar. When I got back she'd gone.

Once again, it too a while (the following day) for me to realise what she meant. I never did see her again, she left the Drama soc to "concentrate on her studies".

Just as well I wear big boots, I can kick myself VERY hard!!
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 19:59, Reply)
Interesting this question. I remember being 15, and talking with a girl who I have now found out to be rather promiscuous. She spent the entire evening talking about her ex-boyfriend, how he had dumped her, and how she wanted to get back at him. I bought her a drink as well. It was only several months later that I realised that she might have been implying something. Still, live and learn.

Also, does it count if you don't actually spill the custard when you lose your virginity? I was a bit drunk and we both gave up after a while, and I'm not sure if that's technically enough.

Oh, and with one subsequent girlfriend, have passed up the opportunity because of her drunkenness, and previous conversations about her waiting. Chivalry is not dead.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 19:55, Reply)
Reading so many uni based stories reminded me....
It's Fresher's week and I'm in the bar on my randomly talking to people flitting from one group of people to another until I eventually go and join a group of Drama students. 3 guys and a girl called Amy (I think, I was a bit drunk). we get talking and after a bit she asks me if I want to come to a "party" in her room.

What was my reply? "No thanks, I've drunk enough tonight, ta taa"

It took me months to figure out what was on offer. More to follow...!
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 19:54, Reply)
I am not spotty
But I am a 19 year-old virgin...

What does this say about me? I have more control over my cock than you nymphomaniacs!!

By the way I'm just on here between wanks...
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 14:54, Reply)
I lost my virginity
In the school ballet teacher's bed. And not with the school ballet teacher either.

She did always look at me a bit funny after that though.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 14:42, Reply)
Bible Love
Both of us were nineteen, living with our respective parents during the summer after our first year of university. We had had heavy make-out sessions in his car for a month of so, but finally one night we found ourselves alone at his home, making out on his mother's plush pink couch. I was straddling him and could feel his hard on against my thigh. I wanted this to be the moment - I wanted him to be the "man" that I lost my virginity to. I even had condoms in my purse.

I whispered my idea to him, and he burst out crying. "It would be sinful to have sex," he sobbed. "Jesus forgive us!" Ah, he was a Christian nutter. Great. Jesus came in between me and sex.

He drove me home in silence. I dumped him a week later. Back at university I found myself a half-decent non-Christian man to do the duty.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 14:16, Reply)
Story 2 - the best mates Mrs...
Ok, this was a while ago...

My mate Mike was seeing Katy. Mike was an awkward, spotty, chubby "grunger" and never had any look with the ladies. Katy was fine. He pulled her using the fact that he was a sensitive musician, and she was at a convent school.

Mike asks me to go out with him, Katy and one of her mates as that the only way Katy was allowed out past midnight. Her friend was Emma, and she was at least a 6-pint-er, but a cracking laugh. So off out we go, and we end up at this truely awful nightclub. Mike gets a call on his mobile; it's his work begging him to go in the next day. He says ok, then comes back to us. Mike leaves, and takes Emma home as well as I've said I'll give Katy a lift. Hmmm...

Cut a long story short, we go back to her house, we have a coffee and the conversation turns to Mike still being a virgin and how he wants to wait until they are both ready. "You a virgin then?", I throw into the conversation. "No, but Mike thinks I am." From then, there was only one outcome. It was mutually enjoyable, and I hate to say, the "naughtiness factor" made it even better.

Next morning I leave, making some excuse. Mike rings me during the day, asking if the four of us could meet up later. This was fine, nice and friendly, until both the girls left and Mike starts talking about how he thinks he's ready, and this is the weekend as his parents are on holiday and the house is his.

Mike was dumped on the Friday night. Katy had gone over with Emma a about 8pm, sat Mike down and just said "I'm finishing this. I've thought about this and I think that we aren't right for each other." Then left, taking his broken heart with him. He then called me, about 9-ish, crying down the phone, asking me to come over. Thing was I had just met Katy and we were on our way to her house as everyone was out...

I still feel guilty every time I see him, but he never worked it out. I saw Katy for about 4 months; it was great but then we both went off to different Uni's and just split up. And Mike remained a virgin for another 4 years...
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 14:15, Reply)
My story..
I'd waited so long to lose my V Plates. That Tuesday finally rolled round, and I had everything prepared, but I just couldn't hit the button. The fear of everyone shouting "n00b" and "read the FAQ" at me was just too terrifying.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 14:05, Reply)
Stories of amourous advances...
Divorced parents meant although I saw my mates during the week, I had a complete other set that lived near my dad. One of them, James, takes me to this party full of kids I used to know in the 1st year at secondary school but hadn't seen for 3 or 4 years. He introduced me to Kelly, and me and Kelly make light work of a 12 pack of Heiniken. She turns to me, in a very drunken way, and just asks "I'm a virgin, will you f*ck me?" I'm in the same boat, so i reply, as cool as The Fonz, "Yeah, go on. I've got protection". We slope off to a field about 200 metres away, she gets very naked. I only remove my shirt cause I have 14 hole Dr Martens, and we get down to business. Foreplay is good, everything is going well when, Kelly climbing on top becasue "it's supposed to be better", and my mate James pops up his head about 2 metres away and justs says "everything going ok?", then fucks off! Things stopped very quickly, she gets all freaked out and the end of the story is I got within 2 inches of sex and my best mate fucked it up for me!
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 13:57, Reply)
Answer of the week No.1
I've always been the shy "No no, of course she doesnt fancy you. Let's not forget this is YOU we are considering" kind of guy. Hence I was always very awkward around girls until I was good friends with them and way past any consideration for a realationship.


I met a really really hot girl at college. I mean actually STUNNING.(she was a bit gothy, but that didnt matter) Not surprisingly I spent nearly a whole year not speaking to her, until one day I saw one of my friends talking to her. "WIN" I thought. So I went over and spoke to my mate and her, and I stayed talking to her after he had gone all thanks to Team Laser Explosion, funnily enough, she was a very big Weebl and Bob fan. "Woo" I then continued to think.

Anyway, that wasnt even a one off, I kept talking to her loads (about twice I think) after that, then after spending a glorious afternoon with her, I decided. Next time I saw her I would ask her out. It would be the first time I ever actually asked a girl out, and I had no idea what to do. But whatever, I would the next time I saw her.


-Edit- as confirmed by the title, that was my first answer
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 13:44, Reply)
i was in jail, and they made us all go in this big shower room (where we all had to shower). And there was a really big man who came in, he must have been at least 21 feet tall. For some reason when he came in, everyone turned off their showers and went out. I wasnt un-dirty yet, so i stayed in. The guy walks over to me, and PURPOSELY drops his soap! I looked at him. "Are you gonna pick that up?" he said. I sighed and bent over to retrieve it.
I handed it to him with a mild look of annoyance on my face. He thanked me kindley. We are good friends now actually.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 11:35, Reply)
It was but recently...
That I became a man.

The operation held. Thank the Lord Harry.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 7:38, Reply)
I have to agree
with the "imagine the wedding night" thing, I'm imagining it. It will be shit. Some people are weird and stupid.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 7:33, Reply)
I didn't lose my virginity until my 20s

Some people might say 'so you missed out on what would've been the worst sex of your life'. And other people might say 'I waited until I got married, I don't regret it'. Good points both, but it's not about having sex is it. If it was you could just go to a brothel.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 6:35, Reply)
Never mention Rohypnol around a drunk girl
Flashback: This summer. I work as a whitewater guide, presumably a job that is second only to millionare and fireman in its ability to get a girl wet. Damn bit of good it's done me. A group of girls, known as the Shimmy Girls after an incident on the river, come up every summer to our company, and in past years, they have enjoyed getting shitfaced as well as getting the rocks off of every guide that asks. Cue my coworkers pulling me along, attempting to get me to drink (yes i'm sober, whoop-de-do), attempting to at least get me to swish Allen's coffee brandy (saying that chicks dig drunk dudes, something that I am now convinced is true), and convincing me that there is no way I can leave without getting off.

We get to their cabin, and a fellow guide throws a can of PBR in my hand, so I don't look like too much of an idiot. I was wearing my only clean shirt, my "Math is Power" shirt, so I figured at least attempting to pose couldn't hurt. We go in, drinking ensues, and the girls inevitably figured out my soberness, not helping my chances any. Someone mentions that someone could have spiked their drink, I drop the word Rohypnol, and after every girl gives me a wierd look realize that there is no way in hell I am getting laid.

I felt like an idiot at the time, but at least I got some wanking material that night, as well as a good amount of free food (hell I didn't get any, and I didn't drink, I figured I was entitled to take as much food as I could carry.) Also, the most any of the other guides got was a handjob, so it wasn't like I was cheated. The part I will most remember, however, is the free porno. I had forgotten the bet I had made beforehand with another guide that he would buy me 50 bucks worth of porn if I couldn't manage to get laid that night. I got a bag o' porn the next week that kept me very happy for the rest of the summer. Win-Win situation!

*still a virgin, but not spotty*
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 5:51, Reply)
Bad choice
I was 17, so were these two birds and I was at school with them both. 'Blonde' was a thin perky little stunner with fabulously uplifted breasts, a waist you could tie a shoelace around, and an arse like two splendidly arranged canteloupes glued together. 'Brunette' was more on the average side: tall and gawky, round face, biggish nose, a little heavier than normal. No, let's not be overly kind: she was porky. I went to the movies with them and we sat in the back row. Blonde immediately plonked herself on one side of mine, very VERY close, her right tit just about cradled under my armpit. She kept looking at me funny and touching my arm. Brunette sat on the other side of me but kept her distance.

To cut a long story short, nothing happened that night but a couple of weeks later I shagged the Brunette. I had the misfortune of actually going out with her for a while (she proved to be borderline insane). I saw Blonde at university the following year, she had become even more scrumptious. We began chatting and she revealed to me, in these exact words, "Do you remember that night at the movies? I told Brunette that I was going to flirt with you, and if we got together, I was going to fuck you." It would have been my first one... and hers.

Yes, shoot me now.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 2:33, Reply)
Way to young...
When I was 10 I was going out with a girls from the year below me. We spent pretty much every daytime hour together for the summer hollidays having kisses and cuddles and what not in the back yard. Cue one afternoon while her mums at a friends house accross the road.
My girl said she had found something and wanted to show me. we went into her lounge and she put on a video she found under her parents bed. I forget the name but needless to say it was german porn. anyways. My girl thought it would be a good idea to get naked and copy them as they were obviously having a good time.
She put my bits in her mouth, I licked her bits... all this was very weird for us both but we gave up after half an hour when it wouldnt rise to the occasion so to speak.... We didnt get what the big fuss was about but hey we were kids. we just gave up!!

A month or so later, She moved away. didnt see her again until I was 14. I went to my best mates house for the regular friday night cider fest and he introduced me to his new bird.... my ex :P
My best mate is still my best mate. he knows what went on when we were kids (truth or dare incident) but yeah whatever heh they are still together and they got married last november.

wanna know how I actually lost my V i think i answered it in another qotw jus check my profile...
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 2:27, Reply)
Sooooo embarassing
This story is one of infinite shame. Been dating the now Mrs. Savitar, for about a month, and both of us were virgins ( Click "I like this" if you think it's sad that I've slept with no-one but my wife). Anyhoo, after two blowjobs and a handjob ( all three with successful conclusions) she declares "I'm ready, lets do it!". And so with all the eighteen year old vigor I could summon ( Click "I like this" again if you think it's sad that I was 18 before I got laid) I competely failed to get it up. Had to wait another bloody month before I got another crack at her. With great (if somewhat bloody) success. All 12 seconds of it.

The length and the width have never gotten any complaints, but then I'm the only one she's ever had.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 2:14, Reply)
I am still a virgin, do i feel sorry? NO!
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 1:37, Reply)
this was my best story to tell people for about 2 months.
she had been going out with my best friend for 2 years, who was in iowa and we decided we couldn't do it till they broke up. at this point i was a virgin and she had fucked my best friend. first two topless blowjobs of my life happened during the week that he was away and still going out with her. she broke up with him over the phone and the next day all day at work i knew it was coming. we got high and went to a place we had both been to as kids with paths and trails and such leading through the woods to certain places and started walking around till we got to this giant rock sticking out of the ground and decided to lie down. a couple hundred possibly west nile infected mosquito bites later we gave up and headed back to the car. on the way, she thought it fitting to throw both of her sandals into the bushes and made no attempt to find them again. this would have been fine if we hadn't ended up going to the beach afterward. this is the only beach i've ever been to that has no sand, and rocks instead. at this point it was also pitch black. i imagine it was quite a sight; both of us high and itchy, me walking with a stalk-on, wearing sunglasses and bracing her drunkenlike stumbling sans sandals over the rocky beach. we got to this other place which also had a giant rock sticking out of the ground, laid down in a large crack in the rock, her head on my chest and we looked at the stars. i realized that if we were going to do it, i would be impaled on the jagged corner of rock that was sticking into my back no matter how i lay. we looked for a more comfortable place and found a horizontal area with moss and stuff. started making out like it was our job, took off our clothes and at last, i lost my virg---

or not. 10 minutes in we started hearing voices coming from the path on the beach. this continued for a few minutes, it sounded like the voices were getting closer but we couldn't tell. after a while they stopped, she looked around, and kept going. (she was on top). we forgot about the voices until all of a sudden they were right on the top of the rock. (the rock being giantic, it being pitch black, and us being far down on the side of the rock, they didn't see us somehow for the minute or so they were standing there.) she could see their faces, a boy and a girl. the stupidest conversation i've ever heard was rattling out of the boy's throat. "you know, the universe is just constantly expanding. it just goes on forever." and the girl said "WOOOW." it continued like that with us nervously starting and stopping when we thought we could get away with it and when we thought they would catch us. finally we realized it was useless and if we stayed there another minute we would be discovered. we hurriedly, furiously, and silently shoved our clothes back on and hauled ass back over the beach, now neither of us wearing shoes, and me with the most intense tumescence of my life. we got back to the car finally and saw it was 1/4 past 11pm and she was supposed to be home at 11 so she could go to her college orientation all day the next day. i raced home after dropping her off and had the saddest wank of my life.

two days later, we went out, got high again, stole a traffic barrel, stuck it in the back seat and trunk of my mini cooper and forgot about it until we decided it was time to officially pop my cherry.
"what do you want to do?" "you" "i knew you were going to say that" "is that why you said it?" -nods feverishly grinning- we pushed back and reclined the passenger seat as far as we could until it dented the traffic barrel. the cramped experience was sadly, the best sex of either of our lives at the time.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 1:10, Reply)
Oh I remember the day...
Being a youngster and 'in love', my (then) lovely girlfriend and I decided that it was time. She was scared to do it when her parents were at home, so we decided on half-term. Happy days. We broke up for half-term and went out to celebrate, enjoying some underage beverages. And I ended up in a fight in the process, losing not only dramatically but also 3 teeth and half of my face. It took another 6 months after that because she changed her mind. Nothing to do with my temporary deformity, I was assured. Bugger.
(, Sat 28 Oct 2006, 0:34, Reply)
virginity, huh, what is it good for...
I was a 'late developer' as my mum & dad probably said. Fat, specky, hopelessly pathetic, I somehow managed to find my self one night round at a friend. Best friends wife, out of nowhere, asked me if I wanted to lose my cherry? (it had been a bone of contention amongst my friends for a good while). I was obviously wracked with guilt and horn, so said yes. She feigned tiredness, I gave her a lift 'home'. Back at mine, we prepared for sex. She asked me if I had a big cock, which even at the time didn't seem the best judged thing to say. We did it, it was crap, and just to make matters worse, two flatmates pushed past the chest of drawers I had wedged the door shut with, just to look in after the fact and go "oh, my god he's with someone. Oh my god, it's her".
Still haven't the heart to tell him that his wife took my cherry, though perversly I found out years later she had done the same thing to another mate. Dear oh dear....
(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 23:54, Reply)
My first love
Lucy and I were inseparable. We used to go for long walks together and I'd spend hours stroking her back, which she loved. She was absolutely beautiful, slim figure, gorgeous eyes and long, golden hair. She was popular too - to know her was to love her. Whereas I was kind of shy and awkward, but that didn't bother Lucy, she latched onto me straightaway and we were best friends right from the moment we met.

I think the physical attraction was there right from the start too, but I was in my early teens and sexual stirrings were only just beginning to happen; I didn't really understand what I was feeling. She was more advanced than me, and from the very first time we play-wrestled, she enthusiastically tried to snog me. I resisted at first, but I soon let her put her tongue in my mouth. I was happier than I'd ever been, we were made for each other, and I thought we'd be together forever.

I was devastated when I found out she'd been having sex with Max - I actually caught them in the act. I couldn't understand what she saw in him, he was scruffy, dirty, stupid and ugly. I ran home crying and I didn't go round to see her for weeks. If I saw her on the street I just blanked her and walked by. I could tell she was upset, she had that pining look in her eyes. But I was still hurting and I didn't want anything to do with her.

Eventually I forgave her, I decided that it wasn't her fault, she required more than just friendship, she had needs. She was a bitch but I loved her, and from now on I would take care of all her sexual desires. Tragically, I realised this too late - when I went round to make it up with her I was told that she'd caught distemper and had to be put down.

Sometimes when I masturbate it almost seems like I can feel her licking my balls again.
(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 23:49, Reply)
Sorry, I hate people who post to Question of the Week with replies to other people rather than useful stuff. And then I find myself doing it.

You say "Imagine the wedding night" (in the context, for people who discover that the post I'm referring to is on another page of the QOTW, of waiting until your wedding before sex). I can imagine the wedding night. You'll be so knackered from sorting out corsages, getting into cars, getting out of cars, talking to elderly relatives, tripping over seven-year-old bridesmaids, eating unimaginative chicken main courses, getting people into taxis, one or both of you drinking too much, handing out cake, and/or dancing that all you'll want to do is sleep.
(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 23:43, Reply)
Secret religion
Not so much my virginity (that's another story), but a year or so later.

A certian Liverpool Rock club. Me.Young, gangly, spotty etc. Wearing a white lab coat dancing around like a sore thumb surrounded by black clad goth's and bikers .

Somehow managed to attract this gorgeous girl (name with-held) who was way above my station. She was jaw droppingly beautiful and was for some reason interested in me.

maybe it was my innocent flappings and drunken stumbles that caught her eye... but some reason she found me attractive (or maybe just funny* - looking back)

Anyway, she kissed me and danced with me and I was just gob-smacked.
She didn't even seem drunk (she was drinking fruit juice which she kept spilling into my mouth from her mouth) - The Dirty so and so.
When she invited me back to her place in the uni halls I could have exploded there and then.

So we walk back through the City and back to her place. Turns out female students are far messier than male students as it was occupied by about six girls and it was a tip... A real stench hole... but, I wasn't put off.
We end up in the kitchen area and we're snogging each others faces off.... and I'm aching for it. She just keeps on kissing... and kissing. Random girls keep coming in the kitchen, opening fridges and ignoring us.

So I decide to press the point (ho ho) and hint that maybe we should go to her room. I'm at this point beyond kissing. I was like an iron rod. But she just keeps kissing.

But eventually I tell her that I'm tired and suggest 'going to bed', so we make it to her room and it is already occupied by another half-awake girl.

At this point... I thought I was dreaming! Was this for real? Surely not a threesome? Surely!

But the night passed and I got nothing more than some intense snogging and an occasional grunt from the other girl.

But, alas it turns out they were both Mormons and I tried all night to get some. They didn't drink or smoke or have sex. She did fall asleep next to me though and I admit to putting her hand on my 'what's-it'...

So close.... but no cigar.

* - Had to get a bus home next day in my lab-coat (which was dirty and smelled of nightclubs)... Go verbally abused by a scouser on the bus.

-Length? Pah!
(, Fri 27 Oct 2006, 23:43, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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