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This is a question Old stuff I still know

Our Ginger Fuhrer says that he could still code up a simple game idea in Amstrad Basic, while I'm your man if you ever need to rebuild the suspension on an Austin Allegro (1750 Equipe version). This stuff doesn't leave your mind - tell us about obsolete talents you still have.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:04)
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Cast your minds back...
Before we had the internet we used to get our information from something called books. Before books we had VHS and slightly before that we had beta or betamax to give it's correct name. At the tender age of ten I could strip an old betamax machine down to it's raw components using household objects such as knives, screwdrivers and a brick in less than 2 hours. I could then unravel all the copper and lay out the microchips and other contents to cover an area of no larger than 4 square metres. Purely coincidentally this happened to also be the area of our passage.

My powers for disassembling inanimate electronic objects are still as strong as ever. I AM CAPTAIN DISASSEMBLE!
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 11:23, 6 replies)
And before Betamax there was

...bet not many of you remember THEM!

Now THAT'S obsolete knowledge

*edit* Oh, and I think you'll find that books were around a little before VCRs. Just a millennium or two.
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 11:29, closed)
No they weren't.
Books were only invented in 1997. I have one to prove it.
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 11:50, closed)
When it says "First edition"
It doesn't mean FIRST edition, you know.

Anyway, didn't they stop teaching kids to read around 1997?
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 12:03, closed)
No you're thinking of contraception.

(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 12:13, closed)
Disassembling things is fun
Reassembling things so that they work again is not so much fun because it's difficult. I used to leave that step to my sister and blame her for it all.
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 11:32, closed)
Disassembling things with bricks
The universal disassembly tool
(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 13:15, closed)

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