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This is a question Old People Talk Bollocks

"My Gran calls the remote control The Wisher" writes Kim, "and LA Law, Lah Law." Do you know any old people? Are they as inventive or creatively befuddled as this?

(, Thu 11 Mar 2004, 13:38)
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My crazy grandad
Not too long ago my grandad went through a period of shall we say 'crazy shit'.
Now what I'm going to say may sound utterly rediculous but believe me, it is all true.

Ok for starters at the moment he insists there's snipers outside the home he is in that will shoot you if you go outside. What's worse is he's convinced everyone else they exist too so they're all afraid to go outside.

Also, when he was in hospital he thought that the man in the bed next to him was an italian spy called Paulo (the guys name was Bill), he thought they hid the dead dogs in a pit behind his curtain around his bed AND he thought one of the nurses was injecting him with kiwi juice at night.

He also thinks that he fought in the first world war in france. This isn't even possible seeing as he was only born in 1917.
Then there's the fact he thinks he fought for the Nazi's in WWII when in reality he delivered milk to the hospital in Nottingham and was one of those warden thingys.

If anyone can top that I'd like to see them try.
(, Thu 11 Mar 2004, 15:52, Reply)

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