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This is a question Old People Talk Bollocks

"My Gran calls the remote control The Wisher" writes Kim, "and LA Law, Lah Law." Do you know any old people? Are they as inventive or creatively befuddled as this?

(, Thu 11 Mar 2004, 13:38)
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My gran,
gawd love 'er, is a holy terror. She's now 93 (as is my grandad) and has all marbles except the occasional wrong name.
Despite this, some years ago my gran wanted a new car. She did all the driving anyway, as she used to drive like Ayrton Senna until her eyes went. So my dad offered her a test drive of his new 2-litre Cortina. She took it around town and down one motorway junction. When she got back, her verdict was:
"Well, it's a lovely smooth ride, but it wouldn't go very fast. It was only up to 60."
My dad: "?????"
Turns out she'd had her eye on the rev counter, thinking it was the speedo. She had thus driven at roughly 120 mph up and down the M4. And I'd have loved to see a copper's reaction if she'd been pulled over, as she's tiny: about 4'11" and looks exactly like a stereotype sweet little old lady.
(, Fri 12 Mar 2004, 16:22, Reply)

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