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This is a question The Onosecond

Wired magazine once defined the 'onosecond' as the time between hitting 'send' and realising that you really didn't mean to send that to your granny.

What inappropriate email/text/photo have you sent to wrong people? Are they speaking to you any more?

(, Thu 26 May 2005, 10:15)
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This is soooo getting deleted, it's not funny
Seeing as Sahar Habibi is touting for work, I'm going to break all the rules and submit for an old question - 'Claims to fame'.
I used to work at the BBC and have several:

1/ I once delivered a glut of Valentine's cards to Jill Dando. She said 'Ooh, are they all from you?' but because she was tall, voluptuous and famous, I just fidgeted and wittly replied 'No'. People still ask me if she ever "really, really annoyed me".

2/ Terry Wogan is about 8'10"

3/ On the phone to my then girlfriend at BBC Elstree, I excitedly told her that the Tesco's opposite was 24 hours. Barbara Windsor then walked past and said "That's interesting" and got in my lift.

4/ James Callis from Soldier Soldier and the gay bloke from Bridget Jones is a true gent. I dropped a script off at his house and he invited me in for a coffee but I was running late. Still owes me a pint though.

5/ One of the ginger soldiers on Soldier Soldier was a complete twunt. My script delivering was met with a glare, a snatched movement, a grunt and a door slam.

6/ I was hammered at a bar when Stephen Fry, recently returned to the UK after his slight wobbly spell, walked into the gents as I was leaving. My slurred 'Alright, Steve?' was met with an insecure Melchettian 'Beeeh."

7/ Another toilet theme. My mate Jamie and I sojourned to the toilet for a chat n'slash. In between us was Chris Barrie from Red Dwarf with his cock out. We stood either side of him and continued to banter. Rimmer laughed to himself, which was nice.

8/ The two Shit-Enders Di Marco brothers were in the bar once, where my friend knew the nice one. The brother with the croaky voice and stupid facial hair did what he did best, pouted and furrowed his brow at no-one in particular, whereas Marc Bannerman was charming and gave me his number to pass on to my mate when she had her phone to hand. Which was odd.

9/ Rolf Harris once winked at me.

10/ I chatted to Kate Humble when she was a researcher for Holiday and she mentioned her mother-in-law. It took several minutes for the devastating revelation that she was actually married to sink in.

11/ Annie Robinson got in a lift with me. "What floor?" I said. "Four", she replied.

12/ I once shook the hand of Tom Chemical Brothers after he came out of the WC in a Soho pub. I was reliably informed that he didn't wash his hands beforehand.

13/ I bought some ex-Big Brother girl a drink in a gay bar. She was loving the attention. I'm not even gay.

I'm stopping this now.
(, Tue 31 May 2005, 15:39, Reply)

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