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This is a question That's me on TV!

Hotdog asks: Ever been on TV? I once managed to "accidentally" knock Ant (but not Dec) over live on the box.

We last asked this in 2004, but we know you've sabotaged more telly since then

(, Thu 11 Jun 2009, 12:08)
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I Got On BBC3 Once
No amusing anecdote I'm afraid, but I got on telly as part of a BBC New Talent thingy a few years ago. The ex-Doctor David Tennant watched me pissing around in front of a camera, look!
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 14:33, closed)
That's ace
What do you use for these vids? After Effects?
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 15:35, closed)
Mostly AE Yeah
This one has a CG ball & vase done in 3D Studio Max too, although my 3D program of choice is Maya now
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 15:45, closed)
Surely Dr. Who complimenting your "tongue action"...
Is something that an amusing anecdote can be drawn from?
(, Sat 13 Jun 2009, 0:30, closed)
Hmmm, true
I think I might rewrite it taking that into account.....
(, Sat 13 Jun 2009, 16:08, closed)
superb stuff fella!
and lets not forget your unexpected airing of a vid on that Lenny Henry internet clip show as well :)
All very well deserved. And it can't be every day a Timelord comlpiments someone on their tongue action.
(, Sat 13 Jun 2009, 7:48, closed)

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